Premieres on 21st May in Madrid, Spain

Let’s talk about Chris and Bryce on Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom premiere held in Madrid, Spain last May 21st. They were kicking off their press tour for the upcoming blockbuster film and were joined by director Bayona of course.

Pratt wrote on his Instagram his experience and happiness and even gratefulness on that eventful night. “Right as we arrived to the red carpet torrential rain/hail storm exploded from the sky. Everyone got soaked!! And they still stayed! I’m so grateful. Sorry to anyone I didn’t get to take a picture with. I tried to get as many people as possible. It meant the world to us you stayed in the rain to meet us. Lots of love forever! I’ll never forget you.”

Wow, this is really a cool act from the actor himself. I’m sure the fans understand. No worries, Pratt! With thousands of fans, it would take more than a day for you to have a picture with each of them, not to mention the weather. So, there, the fans will still love you.


Dinosaurs as WeaponsM

Yes, we have been discussing this from our previous articles that dinosaurs are, the new ones created, the ones rescued from Isla Nublar, going to be used as weapons! Man, really, does not learn, right? We’ve learned based from the released trailers that Owen and Claire are rescuing the remaining dinos from extinction since Isla Nublar will be wiped out anytime soon due to the dormant volcano, now coming back to life, threatening to wipe out everything there. In good heart and intention, their rescue will turn out to be a deceitful one and will cause such peril to the entire planet! This is also very interesting given that the company behind all these dangerous plan is so interested with Blue. Owen will surely not allow that to happen. And so the quest to  stop the plan eventually starts. Will Owen and Claire succeed? It’s for us to find out!


The Plot

Trevorrow said he knew he had always wanted Bayona to direct this sequel as he wanted it to be suspenseful and scary. Yes. And Bayona is the man. He stood to his word as the latest released trailer will make you catch your breath watching the T-Rex sneaking inside the bedroom of a girl in a moonlit night. And oh, yes, not much scenes of bunch of dinosaurs chasing people in the island as the chase will be in the city. This is going to be a bit complex knowing more people and civilians will be involved here. Thing is, we are hoping to see a brand new, yet of course, Jurassic-themed-environment movie on this sequel. Surely we can, as news from fans stated that they have spotted a Dilophosaurus on the set of Jurassic World 2! That’s right! one of our faves from the original Jurassic Park movie is coming back! Remember him? He was just the one who had fun playing a child’s game of hide and seek with Dannis Nerdy before spitting goo on his face, aaannd, eating him!

Let’s see what he’s up to in this sequel!


New Casts and Old Casts Returning?

Bayona is bringing with him Geraldine Chapman on the sequel. Chapman appeared in three of Bayona’s movies, The Orphanage, The Impossible, and A Monster Calls. Let’s trust Bayon on this one. We talked about Jeff Goldblum coming back in the previous article and how fans are going gaga about it. Well, we’ve got a little word from him. “It’s small… who knows, they m ay cute me out entirely. But if I stay in I’ll be a sprig of parsley or a little garnish, hopefully with some impact!” Goldblum said. He will surely reprise his role as Dr. Ian Malcolm in the sequel, and worry not Jeff, as early as now, your impact is quite obvious on the fans. Some even say that they’re just watching this sequel because of Jeff! How’s that for an impact?

For UK fans, fasten your seatbelt as  Jurassic World 2 streaming you’ll get an early treat of raptors in 7 days’ time! That’s June 7th! June 22nd is the US release date.


Eligius Corporation In The 100 Season 5

Hey folks if you are a fan of The 100 season 5 and you have been waiting for the movie series new episode then let’s dive over to the significant things we can find in the teaser.

So big question are roaming around the Internet right now is the idea about Eligius Corporation which are printed in the spaceship. Why there is a spaceship? Is the Eligius Corporation connected to alien race? Are there other human in space in the world of The 100? Nonetheless this is very obvious that this is not the same people who go back to space. On the other hand this people from the spaceship will play a significant role in season 5.

So what is or who is the Eligius corporation? You might wonder are there alien species in The 100, what this spaceship is doing on Earth because it looks like prisoner transport spaceship that has arrived on Earth. There are many things we don’t know yet about The 100 season 5 or the previous ones but one thing is certain if you can imagine there are many possibilities about the plot of this movie series and that is the fact that there are other human being in the outer space.

As you can see that The 100 are sent back to Earth on 2089 but there was this idea story that during 2048 people are already in outer space for exploration to find great source resources for humanity to supply their needs and there are other people who have develop their colony or habitat which on space which are not connected to the people where our main character coming from. As we all agree the space is a huge place for people to discover.

This people who are sent to mines on space disappeared which are also people who resides in the ring but somehow lost in space, even though they develop their own colony as miners. And since those miners lost contact to the main ring in space for many years, it is speculated that this people may have live in some planets in the nearby system and propagate. So for The 100 season 5 these people from outer space, the people are gone will be revealed and would soon clash or help the grounders who will be united as one clans of human thanks to Clarke.

I think this is a great idea because people called grounders may go back or can go to space will be able to go outer space to discover and live other planets which has the same atmosphere like Earth. Or perhaps there will be another reason or twists of the story for the Eligius Corporation for appearing in the finale of The 100 season 4 and we will be seeing them in The 100 season 5.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby Fresh Look

One thing great about Pokemon Omega Ruby is the wonder of interacting between a gamer and the wild, like for instance the people in the Hoenn area, animals and Pokemon. Hey folks if you are fan of Pokemon video game then have a taste of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby in a wonderful region of Hoenn. By playing this video game you will get to enjoy about more authentic and more alive scene compared to past Pokemon games, nonetheless it will also allow gamers to make plenty of fascinating and different team combine in the playthroughs. This may disappoint few die hard Pokemon lovers, since it nullify their hard work on developing and building up their best team especially in the multiple playthroughs or just simply doing campaign for leveling them up through final scene of the story with countless tough Elite Four challenges. When there is a new unlocks in the Pokemon their will be difficult battle and will let you play more time in the game compared to usual plays. Challenge is what gamers are looking for and so the Pokemon makers are trying their best to capture the taste of the gamers now and then.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby credit gamefreak.co.jpcredit:gamefreak.co.jp

Together with the 3D battles which features great frame rates which before have some issues in Pokemon X and Y. Nonetheless in every battle you can totally enjoy them smoothly and with great frame rate there is a balance in every battle although the players who have cultivated their Pokemon quickly can have an advantage.

Incase if you do not know who developed all this super addicting 3ds games the answer to that question is the gamesfreak who created the Pokemon ultra moon and ultra sun. Furthermore Pokemon Gyms in the Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby are all overhaul. If you are fan of Pokemon game you will be pleased to know that feature like night and day cycle have return, since it was out temporarily in other sequel of the game especially in Gold and Silver Pokemon game. Nonetheless this issue has been dealt with and you don’t have to worry on catching a Pokemon, because you can catch them anytime of the day if you want to.

Thanks to the important components of X and Y we get to visit always an improved Hoenn region in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire with a fresh look and new mechanics along with the remakes of the background. Remakes which also include Super Training, which allows you to accelerate the base stats of your Pokemon team in a small battles on the touchscreen together with the Player Search System which also a big advantage for gamers to trade and fight with other players which you come across in your area. Of course Mega Evolutions sound so sweet because they are back which will make battles very intense and with added new Evolutions this will make Pokemon video game totally rock. If you love to play Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby then you should the check the link in this article and get the advantage of playing Pokemon latest updates.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Animated Trailer

rights to the owner as this is not my video

Best of Harry Potter Movies

Harry Potter does not begin and end using the books. Just like anything at all that’s well-known nowadays, Hollywood came calling quickly, plus the first Harry Potter film was launched just a little more than a year right after Rowling’s fourth book hit the shelves. However, in another minor magic, the Harry Potter film franchise surely could sustain a good of quality hardly ever found in film series which extend on past one or two films.

The Harry Potter series is actually a worldwide trend like few others. It’s already been eight years considering that the last book was published, four years since final movie hit theaters, however the IP is really as solid since it ever was. Harry Potter is actually all-pervasive, by means of sophisticated theme parks, ABC Family marathons, video games, not to mention the extremely re-readable books. This type of permanence is unusual, and it is all related to the caliber of the storyplot J.K. Rowling attempts to tell nearly two decades ago and the lush, evident world she created.
This specific listing is dependent on the viewpoint. Your current taste could be distinct, and I’m certain I have skipped lots of great stories which I just did not enjoy reading. You might be more than welcome, nevertheless, to talk about own faves within the comments.
A few stories consist of more mature themes when compared to authentic heptalogy. The movie, its very own content rankings system, if you concern content unacceptable for younger readers, be sure to check the story’s ranking first. Some other sites pointed out here also provide comparable filter systems in place.
I truly do the best to maintain the reviews spoiler-free, however I am not just an excellent reviewer so they may contain a few information beyond what exactly is mentioned within the story’s summary.
Almost all stories tend to be complete unless stated otherwise. That does not include sequels which can be complete or not. I’ve needed to ignore several very guaranteeing fics, however it cannot be helped such as all likelihood they may never be finished.


There was clearly no other option. Prisoner of Azkaban is, without doubt, the most beautiful Harry Potter movie there exists. Right after a couple of semi rushed, not too fascinating films the moment Harry, Ron, and Hermione walked onto campus, getting cast off their super stuffy school robes, immediately brought the series the breath of clean air we in no way knew it required, simply because it’s not like we failed to love the initial two movies, make the set on track as the best ever. It absolutely was vibrant and eccentric, plus it introduced all of us to impressive characters, just like Sirius Black, and also showed us new sides to old characters, just like the Whomping Willow. Most of all, in Prisoner of Azkaban, Daniel, Rupert, and Emma had been more comfortable than ever acting with each other, which usually made our favorite magical trio’s friendship even more powerful and much more relatable upon screen.

We all know harry Potter is not a hot stuff now why not  go for the hottest tv series of  2017 which is the Walking Dead Season 8.

Expanding Horizons — A Bold Move from a Gaming Company

There hasn’t been any new information on Dolphin for a while. Apparently, no matter how much we pester the Nintendo staff or threaten bodily harm, it’s too afraid of the internal Nintendo mafia to dare share any news regarding Nintendo’s upcoming system. That means that for yet another Dolphin Friday, we can merely speculate and wonder about the coming system. This week, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the expansion possibilities of the Dolphin. After all, all of Nintendo’s game systems have had expansion ports in some fashion or other — the original NES contained a port on the back of the machine for external devices, as did the SNES. Even the N64 has a port on the bottom of the console, which, in Japan, is used to connect the system to the 64DD, the external Nintendo disk drive.

The fact that Nintendo has rarely used these ports is of no consequence — the fact that they’re there means that Nintendo always keeps its options open, ready to add any new gizmo to its system that might give it an edge in the market. With that in mind, we’ve come up with five possible expansion units that might work with the Dolphin. Bear in mind, however, that these ideas come solely from the dark reaches of our own minds — they’re just ideas. Of course, you can share your own by writing in to nintendo@dailyradar.com with “Dolphin Friday” in the subject line, and we’ll post the responses next week.

In the meantime, here are some of our ideas:

Granted, we don’t know if the system will come with an internal modem, but given the advent of the Internet and the rapid rate at which consoles are going online, it makes sense that Dolphin will eventually have connectivity, even if it doesn’t ship with it. The Dreamcast ships with a 56.6K modem which is not enough to browse clashroyalehack.fr per say, and Sony is preparing a broadband modem for its PlayStation2. We’ve already talked about Internet possibilities for the Dolphin, but what about the modem itself? To stay competitive with the PS2, it makes sense to us that Nintendo would go with a broadband solution, and to make the connection quickly, it could be that any additional modem would plug right into a port on the Dolphin itself, either as an addition on the back of the system, or, like the 64DD, something that fits right underneath. We hope that a modem of some sort comes with the system, but if it doesn’t, we expect Nintendo to come out with an add-on.

Okay, so Nintendo has been a bit burned by the uninspiring sales in Japan of its 64DD system, which adds removable media support to the N64. The idea, however, is sound — the 64DD adds more memory to the N64, offers writable media for games (for saved games, add-ons, etc) and expands the capabilities of the system (in conjunction with the Randnet online service, users can also send and receive email and get game updates, as well as play games online). The fact remains, however, that since Nintendo will ship the Dolphin with DVD as its main media, the addition of a hard drive to the system might open up doors that would be far more successful than the 64DD. With Internet connectivity, users could download add-ons for their games, use email and browse the web — something that will be even more common by the time the Dolphin comes out in 2001. As far as gameplay, a hard drive could speed up games considerably, since if the game copies data from the DVD-ROM to the hard drive before it’s needed in the game, load times would be virtually nonexistent (a hard drive delivers data much faster than a DVD-ROM drive can).

Just as the PS2 has Firewire and USB ports, Nintendo could come up with its own proprietary port that would let it (and third-party developers) create new controller peripherals for the system. Nintendo would likely use a proprietary port so that it could get licensing fees from developers, as well as cut costs by avoiding paying licensing fees itself. The ports could be used to let manufacturers make steering wheels, joysticks, keyboards, mice and any number of other controllers for the system, and having them in their own port would keep users from having to disconnect their controllers and navigate menus by pressing unfamiliar buttons on the peripheral.

This might not fall under the “External Peripheral” category, but it would be rather nice if Nintendo supported the HDTV or VGA monitors right out of the box. Since HDTV isn’t terribly popular yet (the televisions are just plain expensive, and there aren’t too many HDTV signals broadcast yet), we’d be more excited about VGA support for VGA monitors. VGA monitors simply look more crisp and clear, with many times the resolution of a standard TV. After all, a next-generation game system should really support next-generation video systems.

Most game players simply love cookies — so this would be a great way to keep gamers from having to get up from their chairs to go get the tasty snacks, thus tempting them to shut off and stop playing the new system. The Dolphin could send power to the machine not only bake to them (Nintendo could start up its own brand of ready-to-bake cookie dough in stores), but also notify the players when the cookies are done. New simulation games could even be developed to take advantage of the baking process — instead of making food in a virtual world, you could mirror your virtual character and see the results of your character’s hard work. It would be an innovation in interactivity, and really bring players into the game experience. Plus, with a simple refrigerated Milk Pak, players would be able to wash down the tasty treats with something nutritious — hey, it beats soda!

Go for Arcade – Star Fox Zero

Star Fox zero for the Wii U has finally come out my gosh that took forever so many delays I’m a huge Star Fox fan if you guys didn’t know he probably digs our star fox shirts all the time.

I’ve loved Star Fox for quite some time almost 20 years and I’ve been very excited to play Star Fox zero for a long time and I finally got my hands on it. Let’s talk about it but first a story don’t worry it’s a good one when I was a kid my favorite thing was basketball.

When I was in elementary school Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen those guys was my hero’s basketball all the time plated recess constantly obsessed with it and for the longest time. I asked my parents to buy me a basketball hoop I wanted a basketball hoop in the driveway that was my big request for like six years and for those years as a substitute for a basketball hoop or those little suction cup hoops with the foam balls.

Now those were a good time we really have a lot of money so it took a long time my parents finally one day surprise me with a basketball hoop in my driveway. I was so excited to play basketball every day every day came from school basketball friends came over let’s play basketball guys. Let’s do it due to finances we unfortunately had to move to an apartment which meant that I couldn’t keep my basketball hoop and I only had it for like two months so I was naturally devastated my parents felt bad.

To make up for it they said we’ll buy you a Nintendo 64 and I was like I don’t care anymore it’s everything’s fine and because I played this game particularly often at a kiosk at my local blockbuster. I requested star fox 64 which was my very first video game I ever got. Go for arcade borrowed a thing or two from the popular Pokemon Omega Ruby rom game that can be played in 3DS and 2DS consoles.

So star fox is kind of special to me who is why I was so excited for Star Fox zero it’s the same rail base game where you’re in our wing or some other vehicle. Your force to propel forward and destroy as many enemies as possible and then there’s a boss at the end and you have your teammates Falco Pepe and Slippy and special people show up like bill and cat of course bill is that you.

I can’t believe it and it’s our four heroes job to save the Lylat system from the evil and Ross is great once again and we got a lot of the same banner back which is just beautiful to see don’t go too fast, I guess I should be thankful. I didn’t expect to have to use this you’re very lucky, so there’s a ton of nostalgia that comes with this game.

Historical Facets of Plants vs Zombies Heroes


The third iteration of the Plants vs Zombies series isn’t going to be a revolution, but it will get the franchise back on track with a premise most gamers immediately understand and identify with, the invasion of Geralt. From Utah Beach to the siege at Cherbourg, the latest CC will be more of what gamers have to come to expect from the series — realtime squad-based combat. Without a doubt there is a population of gamers that wants that exact experience, and somewhere between the hectic pace of Star Craft and turn-based strategy lies the realm of the Plants vs Zombies Heroes cheats.

Strictly speaking, this isn’t the first time the Plants vs Zombies series has stormed the French beaches. Back in the original game, battle took place across the northern areas of France; this time, however, combat will take place on the Cotentin peninsula. Now for you history experts out there — and by that we mean people who have seen Saving Private Ryan — you’ll remember that Tom Hanks and the bald guy that was on Cheers talked about hitting Cherbourg when discussing strategy. Utah Beach was on the far right flank, but it wasn’t the bloodbath that occurred at Omaha; the fighting there would happen after D-Day on the way to the port of Cherbourg.

The gameplay hasn’t changed throughout the series. It’s aimed squarely at the wargamer that wants something a bit more fast paced than turn based but still within the realm of reality. The interface, units and maps are similar to what we’ve found before, though naval bombardment has been implemented in some of the battles. And while you’ll be able to set up fictional custom battles in the scenario editor, you won’t be able to drop atomic bombs or harvest vespene gas. Instead you’ll be the battlefield commander, moving squads of men from building to building, death trap to ambush, hearing the cries of each man that dies under your command. Luckily the graphics on this baby are top down and zoomed pretty far back, so you won’t be crying yourself to sleep or shaking while trying to sip your coffee if the men under your control die.

As always with the Plants vs Zombies Heroes, you’ll be able to fight individual battles or commit to a longer campaign — the beta we played had over 50 battles to choose from. Also you’ll be able to beat on a friend or enemy in multiplayer. Basically, folks, if you’ve played any Plants vs Zombies game before, this upcoming version isn’t going to be much of a surprise; it’s for those of you looking for more of the Close Combat experience and who will enjoy the historical aspect of the Cotentin peninsula battles.

Clive Barker’s: Undying

Clive Barkers Undying

Set in 1920’s Ireland, players of Clive Barker’s: Undying take on the role of Magnus, who has been summoned to an ancestral estate by its lone descendent Jeremiah. Death has claimed Jeremiah’s four siblings, each who have reanimated with the intent to kill their living brother, the last of the family, which will free the Curse of the Undying King. In order to save Jeremiah and unravel the curse that has befallen his family, Magnus must travel through five quests (which as you can imagine don’t take place in the safest areas of the world) before he can unearth the final horror of the estate.

Each quest brings Magnus face-to-face with one of Jeremiah’s undead siblings along with the strange and malevolent creatures the curse has attracted. In addition, Magnus must triumph over his reviled competitor Kiesinger. If there is power to be had by unearthing the mystery of the estate then Kiesinger will try and steal it and there is much power to be had. It’s up to Magnus to defeat each of Jeremiah’s siblings and vanquish Kiesinger in order to meet up with (and hopefully destroy) the Undying King. The features of this game can be best define by the ones listed below. If you have time, you can read more on additional games like SimCity Buildit too.

– Ten areas that the gamer will visit throughout the game. They include the estate, a destroyed monastery, ring of standing stones, cursed city of Oneiros, the Pirate’s Cove, the Eternal Autumn and Neolithic caves.
– Five horrifying boss characters, including four based on Jeremiah’s dead siblings. Players will have to defeat each of the evil siblings in their individually cursed and demonic environments in order to confront the Curse of the Undying King.
– Sixteen spells (eight defensive and eight either miscellaneous or offensive) including the destructive Skull Storm, and reality bending Mindshatter.
– Eight weapons including shotgun, dynamite, Molotov Cocktails, Tibetan War Cannon and Scythe of Brennus.
– Over 20 enemy creatures including Di’nen, Howlers, Celestial Chanters, Hounds of Ghelziabahr, Sleads and Monto’-Shonoi.
– Special modes will include the ability to fly in the spirit worlds and a spell called Scrye that allows players see or hear events that are not apparent to the naked eye to provide back story and clues.
– Affecting sound that is actually a vital tool to staying alive, since it may be the only attestation a creature may be near you.
– Game will use the Unreal Tournament engine that DWI (DreamWorks Interactive) has highly modified. – Soundtrack of Celtic-inspired spiritual tracks.
– Robust multiplayer capability similar to the Rocket Arena.

Latest News on Cleveland Cricket Club

Cleveland Cricket

Cleveland loses in the Final of Buckeye Invitational to University of Cincinnati. Batting first, Cleveland scored 228 for the loss of 8 wickets in 30 Overs. Shiva topscored with Nikhil, Nikunj and Vignesh supporting well. UC played some outstanding cricket to overcome the total with 2 balls to spare.

Cleveland 2 STORMS into the finals of Buckeye Invitational six team tournament at OSU. Cleveland 2 topped the league stages on virtue of having the higest runrate, after winning against Nationwide and losing narrowly to HCC (OSU Alumni). Semifinals sees Cleveland 2 crushing OSU students by 38 runs to reach the Finals. Finals to be played against winner of HCC and University of Cincinnati on Sunday 10/9.

Game 1: Nationwide 116/8 in 20 Overs lost to Cleveland 2 117/3 in 16 overs.
Game 2: HCC 168/10 in 20 Overs Beat Clevland 2 156/9 in 20 Overs. Semifinals: Cleveland 2 160/10 in 24 Overs Beat OSU II 122/10 in 23.2 Overs.

End of Midwest cricket tournament sees Cleveland Cricket 1 losing out narrowly to OSU Alumni in the finals. Ani Khandekar receives valuable player of the Final. Patrick Arjune and Vignesh Palanivel in the running for Playoff Most Valuable Players.

Photo gallery updated!

Congratulations to Team 1 for having such an outstanding Midwest Tournament.

Cleveland 2 currently in preparation for Buckeye Invitational at OSU cricket grounds. Games this saturday 10/2 against Nationwide and HCC (OSU Alumni).

Team1 vs. Team 2 game to be played within the next few weekends.

Midwest All Star Event held successfully by Cleveland Cricket Club. It was a weekend of some exciting cricket with the Group B all stars winning the event.

Congratulations to Team 1 Captain Gautam Shetty for winning the Most Valuable Player for the Midwest Cricket Tournament League Stages.

Leauge stages of Midwest tournament end with Cleveland 1 ranked 2. Cleveland 2 loses out a playoff spot by .05 of a run rate difference against Nationwide 2.

UCT 20/20 Cleveland Cricket Club Crush the Krushers to enter the pre-quarters

After a couple of weeks of washed out games and split points, Cleveland Cricket Club under the captainship of Navdeep marched into the Pre-quarter finals of the 20/20 tournament. We played Krushers Cricket Club this weekend at Keurrish Part on a damp and cold yet sunny day. Cleveland won the toss elected to bat first and put on 184 runs at the loss of just 2 wickets, thanks to a good partnership between Rohit 68 (n.o.) and Sajid (35). Krushers’s ordinary balling was later smashed all over the park with huge hits by Navdeep (53) and Rohit to take the total to 184-2 in 20 overs. Krushers could not match the asking run rate from the begining and kept loosing wickets all the way to hand over the game to Cleveland with 80 runs short of the target.

Cleveland Cricket Club 184/2 – 20 overs Rohit 68, Navdeep 53, Sajid 35
Krushers 105/9 – 20 overs.