Eligius Corporation In The 100 Season 5

Hey folks if you are a fan of The 100 season 5 and you have been waiting for the movie series new episode then let’s dive over to the significant things we can find in the teaser.

So big question are roaming around the Internet right now is the idea about Eligius Corporation which are printed in the spaceship. Why there is a spaceship? Is the Eligius Corporation connected to alien race? Are there other human in space in the world of The 100? Nonetheless this is very obvious that this is not the same people who go back to space. On the other hand this people from the spaceship will play a significant role in season 5.

So what is or who is the Eligius corporation? You might wonder are there alien species in The 100, what this spaceship is doing on Earth because it looks like prisoner transport spaceship that has arrived on Earth. There are many things we don’t know yet about The 100 season 5 or the previous ones but one thing is certain if you can imagine there are many possibilities about the plot of this movie series and that is the fact that there are other human being in the outer space.

As you can see that The 100 are sent back to Earth on 2089 but there was this idea story that during 2048 people are already in outer space for exploration to find great source resources for humanity to supply their needs and there are other people who have develop their colony or habitat which on space which are not connected to the people where our main character coming from. As we all agree the space is a huge place for people to discover.

This people who are sent to mines on space disappeared which are also people who resides in the ring but somehow lost in space, even though they develop their own colony as miners. And since those miners lost contact to the main ring in space for many years, it is speculated that this people may have live in some planets in the nearby system and propagate. So for The 100 season 5 these people from outer space, the people are gone will be revealed and would soon clash or help the grounders who will be united as one clans of human thanks to Clarke.

I think this is a great idea because people called grounders may go back or can go to space will be able to go outer space to discover and live other planets which has the same atmosphere like Earth. Or perhaps there will be another reason or twists of the story for the Eligius Corporation for appearing in the finale of The 100 season 4 and we will be seeing them in The 100 season 5.